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HomePool Opening Announcement 2020


Dear BTC Members,

Starting Saturday, the BTC pool will be open! While we would have liked to open earlier this week during the heat wave, the annual process of firing up the pump, getting the water heaters working, and setting the chemicals properly takes some time.

As always, please realize that the cleaning of the pool is an ongoing process and our ability to work on the pool and surrounding space depends on our staffing. There will be times when there are no staff or lifeguards present – please remain vigilant about your care of the space and your children.

Of course, the BTC pool experience this year will be different. We HAVE to follow the State guidelines to open and operate the pool, and after reviewing the rules set forth by the state and conferring with health experts, our Club created the Pool Plan attached to this link. We will require members to sign an online form stating that they have both read the Pool Plan and will follow its rules.

While there are certainly restrictions in place this year, a lot of good remains. The pool offers a way to exercise and cool off. Reconnecting with old BTC friends can still happen with social distancing. Eating meals on the grounds is still allowed, even if the grills are off limits for now. Finally, while there are restrictions now, we are open to adjusting our policies in accordance with any changes that the State of Vermont makes.

What’s different? Here are a few of the highlights. First, for the time being, no guests are allowed. Second, we are limiting the number of people who can be on the grounds (25) and in the pool (15 in the open pool, 2-4 in the swim lanes) at one time. This means that we will have to place time limits on how long people can stay at the pool. Third, to limit the Club’s liability, the lounge chairs and pool accessories have been removed and the picnic tables will not be available. There are many other important changes noted in the Pool Plan, so please be sure to read that attached document before you arrive at BTC. Finally, we have a new piece of software called Omnify to manage pool reservations. The system is rather simple to use, and there is an Omnify step-by-step user's guide attached to this link. The signups will be available from tomorrow morning (May 29th).

During this pandemic, some rules remain the same. Members should stay home if they do not feel well. Social distancing still is required.

The importance of following these rules cannot be overstated: if COVID-19 cases are traced back to members who attended BTC, then the Club will be forced at the very least to close for several days for a deep clean. We obviously desire a better outcome, and by following the Pool Plan we have a better chance for making that goal a reality.
There is one more ask of our members: let’s work together as a team so that we can all enjoy the pool. For this reason, to the best of our ability, we will try to make sure that all members have fair access to the pool. If you feel that you don’t, then please contact our Club Manager Tom Twitchell at

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and please know that we will adjust our rules according to any changes in the State’s guidance.

See you at BTC!

-Rob Bingel
BTC President