Tennis Championship Results!

October 17, 2016

The final results for the BTC Tennis Tournament are in. The Newman family swept both Men’s A Singles and Doubles on Sunday. Let’s congratulate the winners for the deepest tournament we have had in years! Awards will be given to all winners and finalists and winners will see their names on the wall of champions in the clubhouse.

Men’s A Singles
Winner – Trent Newman
Finalist – John Tashiro

Men’s A Doubles
Winners – Peter & Trent Newman
Finalists – Scott Gale & Chris Scott vs

Men’s Senior Singles
Winner – Jim Grossman
Finalist – Billl Fraser-Harris

Women’s A Singles
Winner – Clare Wool
Finalist – Barb Swan

Mixed A Doubles
Winners- Shona Lothrop & David Hildebrand
Finalist – Vivienne Farmer & David Burley

Women’s A Doubles
Winners – Judy Mallory & Robin Kowalski
Finalist – Aimee Babbott & Karen Frost

Women’s B Singles
Winner – Shannon Lipkin
Finalist – Maureen Usifer

Men’s B Singles
Winner – Rob Bingle
Finalist – Ken Schoen

Mixed B Doubles
Winners – Emily & Sam Ankerson
Finalists – Claudia Renchy-Morton & Alan Morton

Women’s B Doubles
Winners – Vivienne Farmer & Chaska Richardson
Finalist – Maureen Usifer & Donna Bourne

Men’s B Doubles
Winners – Bill Gottesman & Jim Wolvington
Finalists – John Bingle & Pike Porter

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