Professor F D Carpenter Award

Professor Fred Carpenter of the University of Vermont was one of the earliest proponents of organized tennis competition in the Burlington area. Professor Carpenter was Coach of the UVM tennis team for over 25 years and an original founder of the University Tennis Club, predecessor to the Burlington Tennis Club. His interest in the Club’s junior development program led to the establishment of the Professor F.D. Carpenter Award for junior players. Professor Carpenter regularly presented this award into his late eighties. This award is presented annually to the junior member, selected by the Tennis Pro, who best exemplifies the qualities of good sportsmanship.


1975 Andrew Peisch
1976 Judy Stone
1977 Karl Kusserow
1978 Brett Decker
1979 Paul Calhoun, Jr
1980 Gary Ouellete
1981 Kim Maley
1982 Jeff Swiatek
1983 Chris Dewhan
1984 Jeanine Sell
1985 Rick Sell
1986 Lisa Nalchajian
1987 Leland Hart
1988 Nikki Giannaccini
1989 Cheryl Frank
1990 Peter Ozarowski
1991 Cate Gregory
1992 Clara Rosenthal
1993 Jessica Scott
1994 Tim Hadsel – Mares
1995 Jennifer Levanchy
1996 Andrew Samara
1997 Emily Furlong
1998 Andrew Bolduc/ Hunter Thayer
1999 Taylor Wilkins/Alex Knapp
2000 Jaafar Rizvi/Mitra Luce
2001 Laura Coffrin

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