Past Presidents

In the history of BTC, the presidents have directed the affairs of BTC, facing a variety of challenges from the Club’s specific needs arising each year to a host of unsung members who have kept the books, labored on the property, worked with and transported juniors, promoted memberships, organized mailings, and performed those hundreds of necessary jobs to keep the Club alive and flourishing. Members now active in the club will most certainly guarantee its future for many decades to come.


1958 John H. MacDonald
1959 John H. MacDonald
1960 M. Coleman Twitchell
1961 Willet S. Foster
1962 Robert L Burger
1963 John T. Carpenter
1964 Webster S. Thompson
1965 Howard A. Allen
1966 Jonathan K. Woods
1967 Thomas R. Hatchett
1968 Stokes Gentry
1969 Albert A. Ingalls
1970 Robert Patterson
1971 C. Irving Meeker
1972 Stuart Hall
1973 David A. Jenkins
1974 Charles D. Ordway
1975 John J. Coons
1976 Barry Stone
1977 Elden Decker, Jr.
1978 Elden Decker, Jr.
1979 John J. MacDonald
1980 Harold W. Hill
1981 Harold W. Hill
1982 Michael G. Furlong
1983 Carolyn Swiatek
1984 Steven Limanek
1985 Grant Bush
1986 Bob Vinson
1987 Dale Loeffler/ Si Axtell
1988 Pam Linton
1989 Pam Linton
1990 Steve Waltien
1991 Steve Waltien
1992 Joan Briggs/Jamie Coffrin
1993 Lisa Hadley
1994 Ed Kent, Jr.
1995 Joan Materna
1996 Kevin Plette
1997 Nancy C. Furlong
1998 Sam Hoar
1999 John Conroy
2000 Kate Purcell
2001 Nancy Fisher
2002 Nancy Fisher
2003 Tag Carpenter
2004 Gene Richards
2005 Gene Richards
2006 Gene Richards
2007 Gene Richards
2008 Gene Richards
2009 Ken Bean
2010 Ken Bean
2011 Ken Bean
2012 Steve Urish
2013 Chip Hart, Jr.
2014 Chip Hart, Jr.
2015 Chip Hart, Jr.
2016 Chip Hart, Jr.

Our Hours

6:30 AM to 8:30 PM Daily weather permitting.

Courts: See the reservation system for details.
Pool: See the pool schedule for details.

Decisions on court playability will be made by the Club Manager.

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