The Junior Tennis Program

Dear Parents:

We are excited to create an unforgettable summer tennis experience for your children!

Our programming offers instruction for all levels of play as well as age appropriate competitive experiences.

Goals of the Program

  • For children to learn, love, and play the sport of tennis
  • Our learning environment promotes, respect, sportsmanship, challenge, and growth.
  • To integrate the value of teamwork with individual development goals
  • To provide a supportive, safe, fun, and dynamic environment for practice and competitive play
  • To use skill based development in game based training


Please note: We have added extra days of programming for most of the categories below. FULL SEASON prices below are available when pre-paying for the full 7 week duration (6/19-8/3). You may also pay PER CLASS or pre-pay PER WEEK (If available). Rained-out days are not guaranteed to be made up.

Please add a 3% processing fee to the prices below if paying by credit card. This covers the fees that we pay to PayPal to process credit cards. There is NO EXTRA FEE if you pay by check. If you wish to pay by check, you may still choose to complete your registration on-line but need to submit your payment by mail or at the front desk.



Days & Times

Tennis Member




Max Enrollment


Little Tennis


Mon + Wed


Full Season $120

Per Class $10

Full Season $165

Per Class $14

24 players per session


Aces in Training


Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs


Full Season $400

M-Th Week $65

Per Class $20

Full Season $525

M-Th Week $85

Per Class $25

24 players per session

Intermediate Training


Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs


Full Season $575

M-Th Week $90

Per Class $27

Full Season $680

M-Th Week $110

Per Class $32

24 players per session

Advance Training

(Pro Approval Required)


Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs


Full Season $575

M-Th Week $90

Per Class $27

Full Season $680

M-Th Week $110

Per Class $32

24 players per session

Match Play Days/Events will be arranged with other clubs and teams periodically throughout the summer.



Full season commitment required! Cost is an extra $100 for the season.

FRIDAYS 12-1:30PM (U14 USTA)



Please notice our Jr Tennis Match Play days have changed to be a part of the USTA Junior Tennis Team Match Play schedule. BTC will offer USTA Jr Tennis Team enrollment and participation in the VERMONT STATE TOURNAMENT! Our U12 Team won the VT State Tournament in 2015 & 2016 and the U14 won in 2016. We look forward to reaching that goal again in 2017!

Junior Tennis SAVE THE DATES: End of Summer Tournament & Awards

The VT State JTT Tournament will be held on Friday and Saturday July 21 & 22.

Save the date! TENNIS PROGRAM celebration will be Thursday, August 3rd at 3pm on the tennis porch.

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August Camps

Don’t miss our August Camps option!


What is QuickStart Tennis?

BTC is excited to introduce this progressive approach to learning and playing tennis for 4 – 10 year olds. This successful approach has been adopted from European countries such as France and Belgium. We will use a systematic progression of court size, balls, and racquets to modify age appropriate play. This will enable children to have more fun and make learning tennis easier. More skills are developed because play is slower, which allows serving, rallying, and scoring to occur between children with much less ball pick up. This encourages kids to play more often because they can play without the coach. Ultimately over time we will be able to develop tactical awareness, foot work, and movement patterns, decision making, and balance. Lastly players will be able to develop a variety of game styles and skills that better suit their personality. We look forward to making this fun and enjoyable for the kids!



Our Hours

6:30 AM to 8:30 PM Daily weather permitting.

Courts: See the reservation system for details.
Pool: See the pool schedule for details.

Decisions on court playability will be made by the Club Manager.

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