Bert Kusserow Award

Each year the Burlington Tennis Club presents two awards of great significance, the Kusserow Award and the Carpenter Award. Dr. Bert Kusserow was an early member of the Club noted for his playing ability, but above all else for his sportsmanship and manners on and of the tennis court. He suffered an untimely death in an automobile accident. In his memory, the Club established the Kusserow Award, presented annually to the adult member who best combines outstanding qualities of sportsmanship along with genuine goodwill toward humankind. The award is presented at the annual meeting.


1976 Stokes Gentry
1977 Stuart Hall
1978 John Carpenter
1979 Ann Coffrin
1980 Robert Patterson
1981 Robert Kelly
1982 Evelyn Trono
1983 Harry Hill
1984 Connie Carpenter
1985 Mary Jane Gentry
1986 Michael Furlong
1987 Barry Stone
1988 Meredith Babbott
1989 Ellen Wilkins
1990 Jim Ross
1991 Nancy Furlong
1992 Betty Woods
1993 Ed Kent
1994 Carol Stone
1995 Carolyn Swiatek
1996 Jean Selvig
1997 Kevin Plette
1998 Allyson Bolduc
1999 Susie Cruse
2000 Tom Cavin
2001 John Conroy
2003 Lori Smith
2004 Jon Limanek

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