Board of Directors

Burlington Tennis Club is governed by a volunteer Board Of Directors whose members are elected to a three year term at the annual business meeting / Ad Out party. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the club, or if you are interesting in volunteering, we encourage you to contact us.

The 2014 BTC Board

  • Chip Hart, President,
  • Clare Wool VP and Junior Tennis Chair,
  • Larry Wood, Treasurer
  • Tom Higgins, Legal
  • Doug Lee, Treasurer
  • Emily Ankerson, Secretary
  • Ken Bean, Facilities Chair
  • Rob Skiff
  • Jeff Wick, Legal
  • Greg Peters
  • Steven Barkyoumb
  • Alana Lowry
  • Greg Roberts

Our Hours

6:30 AM to 8:30 PM Daily weather permitting.

Courts: See the reservation system for details.
Pool: See the pool schedule for details.

Decisions on court playability will be made by the Club Manager.

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