2015 Club Championship Winners

September 22, 2015

Women’s A Singles Winner: Janet Kirwan
Men’s A Singles Winner: David Hildebrand
Women’s A Singles Runner up: Clare Wool
Men’s A Singles Runner up: Chris Scott
Women’s A Doubles Winners: Robin Kowalski/Judy Mallory
Women’s A Doubles Runners up: Chris Cavin/Nancy Furlong
Men’s A Doubles: TBD
Mixed A Doubles Winners: Andy Shaw/Anna Young
Mixed A Doubles Runners up: Chris and Tom Cavin
Senior Singles Winner: Rich Pearce
Senior Singles Runner up: Stephen Baad
Women’s B Singles Winner: Maureen Usifer
Men’s B Singles Runner up: Mario Carmona
Women’s B Singles Runner up: Chaska Richardson
Men’s B Singles Runner up: Rob Bingle
Women’s B Doubles Winners: Emily Ankerson/Chaska Richardson
Men’s B Singles Winners: Jeff Wick/Steve Lipkin
Women’s B Doubles Runners up: Kate Dingle/Mary Kirkpatrick
Men’s B Singles Runners up: Kevin Plette/John Conroy
Mixed B Doubles Winners: Jeff Schulman/Deb Lichtenfeld
Mixed B Doubles Runners up: Sam and Emily Ankerson

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